Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo Tiles

Sustainable Terrazzo Tiles

You must have imagined how different your home would seem if your walls, floors, and ceilings were painted in deeper tones like black, grey, purple, brown, and deep blue rather than the brilliant whites, beige, yellows, and greens.

Straying from the tried-and-true creams and whites is indeed a dangerous endeavor. But there’s nothing wrong with being a little eccentric and unusual!

If you want a fashionable and eye-catching floor, go no further than terrazzo flooring. Terrazzo floors increase the value of your home because they are so uncommon. Customers do not need to worry about substituting terrazzo floors for a very long time despite being costly. This is because, when placed properly, a terrazzo floor is incredibly durable. These floors should survive for a very long time—possibly even centuries. The sealant placed on top makes this flooring waterproof and low maintenance. Because of this, some clients also choose terrazzo tiles for their pool decks. Terrazzo floors have a very green aesthetic.

Benefits of using terrazzo tiles

At the moment, terrazzo tiles are leading a significant trend. But they aren’t brand-new technology because the history of terrazzo dates back to ancient Egypt civilization. Chips of granite, marble, quartz, glass, or other materials may be safely mixed to create terrazzo. There are several benefits of terrazzo flooring.

  • Design capabilities

Terrazzo tiles stand out from other construction materials based on their speckled appearance and formation. To create terrazzo, an installer will blend any preference of aggregates varying from marble to glass flakes with any selection of resin color.

The results make a difference! There is a design for everybody, as the floors can be entirely customizable, just like constructing the terrazzo mix structure. Facilities can add a unique touch to their floors with an intricate logo layout or complicated floor print.

Terrazzo Tiles
  • Low Cost and Low Maintenance

The lowest life-cycle cost and most resilient flooring now available is terrazzo, which makes it ideal for high-traffic access buildings like airports where surfaces are subjected to extreme wear. The annual stripping and resealing of cement and thin-set epoxy terrazzo floors can be done with water-based materials that are environmentally benign. Regular upkeep involves dry and damp mopping as well as the sporadic use of spray buffing. A fraction of the price of flooring replacement can typically be saved by matching, repairing, and refurbishing damaged or worn terrazzo.

  • Cleanliness plus upkeep

Cement and epoxy terrazzo are great options for keeping a building in good shape. Terrazzo, in contrast to tile grout or carpet, discourages microbial growth and prevents moisture from building up, both of which significantly aid in maintaining a mold-free environment. In addition, terrazzo has no VOC-containing components and releases little to no off-gassing throughout a cured floor. Terrazzo flooring only needs to be cleaned with a pH-neutral, environmentally-friendly cleaner that won’t irritate people with sensitive eyes, lungs, or noses.

Patients are frequently in agony when they enter a medical facility. Floors made of tiles, bricks, and other materials might have painfully rough joints that make moving about in a wheelchair or gurney difficult. These joints can also be challenging to maneuver with a walker or crutches. The flawless surface of the terrazzo gives patients a quiet, comfortable ride or walk.

Terrazzo Tiles
  • Durability

The cornerstone of green construction is sustainable construction. As one of the toughest and least expensive flooring options, terrazzo is ideal for high-traffic public access buildings, including airports, hospitals, office buildings, and schools. The durability and performance of terrazzo floors go back more than a thousand years, and they often last the whole life of the building. Terrazzo flooring in older buildings can be returned to its former glory for a fraction of the price of replacing the finish.

Why buy terrazzo tiles from Flooring Dubai?

One of the most affordable and environmentally friendly flooring options is terrazzo. Since its invention in the 15th century, it has frequently been referred to as the first “green” flooring. Terrazzo is resistant to hazards of staining from chemicals, fire, water, and other sources. Choose the flooring types that will best serve your project’s goals, as installing these requires expert supervision, and Flooring Dubai can help you the most. 

Installing terrazzo tiles in your kids’ playrooms or any homeroom enhances your room’s interior by beautifully matching the décor you already have in your space and highlighting the area’s qualities. Our product from Flooring Dubai is a beauty enhancer.