Resin Flooring

Resin Flooring

Resin Flooring By Flooring Dubai

Finding the best option when deciding what kind of floor is best for you can be difficult. Remember that there is no such thing as the best option. The sort of use it will receive, your budget and any design concerns will all affect the floor you choose.

Epoxy resin is poured onto a concrete surface to create resin flooring; the epoxy resin solidifies and provides a durable coating. It can be used in residential rooms, but it is most effective in commercial and industrial settings due to its affordability, durability, and ease of cleaning.

How Does Resin Flooring Work?

The method combines several ingredients to produce a hardened resin surface. The liquid application of this solution creates a seamless flooring system. 

The resulting unique systems accomplish targeted degrees of chemical resistance by fusing our various resins with chemical hardeners. As a result, resin flooring can resist years of abrasive and heavy cleaning, making it a good choice for several applications.

Why Choose Resin Flooring From Flooring Dubai?

Resin flooring has many benefits that make them a wise choice. It is affordable and robust. Here are some additional reasons why it is an ideal flooring solution.

  • Resin flooring is cost-effective.

Resin is a low-cost substance. It is made using a straightforward manufacturing process and installs quickly because it is a plastic derivative. Resin floors have a strong economic appeal, which qualifies them for huge areas like warehouses. Resin is an inexpensive substance at its most basic level.

Resin Flooring
  • It has a longer shelf life.

Installing a new floor has little use if it will need to be replaced soon afterward or if damage occurs. Even with continual use, epoxy resin flooring has an extraordinarily long lifespan of up to ten years. Resin flooring is a wise investment because it lasts so long, which is why it’s so common in commercial and industrial settings. The lifespan can be extended further using the right sealants and protective coatings.

  • It is durable

The resin becomes incredibly firm after it has dried. Thicker floors are advantageous for garages since they can endure constant use from heavier automobiles. Another conceivable vehicle that can be used on a resin floor is a forklift.

Because of its toughness, the resin can withstand shocks and impacts like those caused by unintentional spills or accidents. Resin is a fantastic choice for floors with foot traffic because it will not degrade over time despite continuous use.

  • They are chemical resistant.

Resin flooring is resilient to corrosive substances and long-lasting. The materials used in resin flooring can resist years of rigorous cleaning procedures, depending on the system chosen. It aids in preventing the damage and cracks that powerful chemicals can cause to other forms of business flooring.

Resin Flooring By Flooring Dubai For All Industries!

The advantages of resin flooring are practically universal. Excellent results have been achieved using seamless surfaces in various commercial, institutional, and industrial environments.

Resin flooring is incredibly adaptable. It has been used everywhere, including grocery stores and laboratories. Resin flooring is frequently chosen by facilities that must adhere to strict hygiene standards to support their sanitation initiatives. Healthcare facilities, commercial kitchens, food processing facilities, schools, restaurants, and many other establishments swear by the hygienic benefits of resin flooring.

Resin Flooring

Types Of Resin Floorings We Offer

Fluid-applied resin flooring comes in a wide variety. The flooring types for urethane and epoxy are some of the most adaptable.

  • Epoxy flooring

A popularly used hygienic solution is epoxy flooring. Cleaning is quick and easy because it is seamless. Facilities seeking a robust yet attractive system may find this fluid-applied system helpful. Epoxies come in many colors, can integrate decorative flakes or aggregates, and allow you to construct a floor that meets both your branding and practical requirements.

  • Urethane Flooring

Polyurethane resins, often known as urethane, create various coating systems and have special performance characteristics. For instance, urethane mortar, often known as “cementitious urethane,” is perfect for harsh, demanding situations.

Why Choose Us?

Our group of professionals at Flooring Dubai has expertise in resin flooring for all spaces, whether it is your home, garage, or office. We collaborate to offer you and your facility the best resin coating alternatives using our regional technical experts, locally approved installers, laboratories, and tech staff. We always give our customers the best along with the advantages because we value quality and customer satisfaction.