Vinyl Floor Skirting

vinyl floor skirting

Best Quality Vinyl skirting Dubai and Abu Dhabi

In general, skirting boards made of vinyl are flexible and are often glued to the wall. It is difficult to remove or replace them as they are rolled due to the adhesive. In addition to that, they have a longer lifespan. If there is an uneven wall or a non-standard shape in the room, using vinyl can easily rectify these issues. When used properly and in the right color, it can add an elegant touch to any home. As a response to the ever-increasing requirements of the customers, our company is engaged in offering top-quality Vinyl Flooring Sheets.

What is Vinyl Floor Skirting? 

Vinyl floor skirting is a type of strong ground surface that is made of vinyl instead of plastic, elastic, tiles, PVC, and various faux composite floors. Since vinyl flooring lacks dimensional stability, large gaps must be kept at the corners of walls to allow for expansion. Vinyl flooring’s inconsistent structure layer contributes to a poor reduction of sound pressure.

vinyl floor skirting

Benefits of Vinyl Floor Skirting

Here are some prominent benefits of getting vinyl floor skirting in your home or office place: 

  • Add a pleasant, soft, and warm feeling

As you walk across vinyl floors, your well-being increases without you even realizing it. Moreover, walking on the resilient layer will leave you with a soft feeling under your toes. Vinyl flooring is also pleasantly warm. Due to the excellent insulating properties of vinyl floors, the temperature remains comfortable all year long.

  • Closes any gaps between the wall & flooring

During the flooring installation, a small area is left for the floor to expand and contract as it ages. In order to prevent water or debris from entering through these gaps, vinyl skirting is installed.

  • Always an authentic look and feel

Vinyl floors take their inspiration from nature. Consequently, they have to be authentic and feel like they are. The top layer is also more realistic because it has a better texture. Each wood design is brought to life by a unique embossing process that brings out every detail. This relief surface allows you to see and feel the grain and knot detail of the wood.

  • Adds depth to the interior design 

An otherwise bland wall can be made more interesting with skirting boards. A wide variety of colors, materials, and styles are available that can enhance any home.

  • The barrier between wet mops & wall

Using a wet mop constantly may damage your walls with ugly wet patches. A floor skirting prevents wet patches on the wall when mopping the floor by acting as a barrier between the mop and the wall. This highly waterproof and durable vinyl floor skirting adds another layer of protection to walls.

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Why Opt for Vinyl Floor Skirting from Dubai Flooring? 

Never underestimate the value vinyl floor skirting can bring to your home. We offer a wide array of vinyl floor skirting made using high-quality materials and according to the requirements. Our products are suitable for various applications. Our vinyl floor skirting is available in various shapes and sizes. To meet the certain requirements of our clients, we also offer custom-made vinyl floor skirting. Besides, we offer vinyl floor skirting at a fair and competitive price.