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You can create the appearance of a foyer when your front door opens directly into the room without one by using an area rug. A wool rug with chevron patterns is a terrific way to provide a pleasant entry and it contrasts well with the wooden flooring. By including a small piece of furniture and some art, you can enhance the style by using an area rug in a striking color. Rugs may provide cozy conversation zones, and because they are round by design, they delineate an area where people can congregate for private conversations. They may be quickly and easily laid down to add color and character to your home. Area rugs are a functional and lovely floor covering that comes in the most diverse selection of hues, patterns, and materials imaginable! An area rug has several uses. With colorful accents, they can produce stunning focal points that serve as the connecting thread that ties a room’s design together.

What is an Area rug? 

Textile floor coverings known as area rugs are placed on top of another finished flooring surface. Rugs are used to secure furniture; they do not stretch to the ceiling (sofas and tables should be placed either completely on the carpet or around it). Area rugs define spaces, bring colors together, offer texture, and improve the comfort of a room as a place to sit on the floor. They are the ideal complement to hard flooring. It can also be utilized decoratively when hung on the wall. 

Area Rugs

See what are the types of area rugs. 

  • Oriental rugs
  • Shag rugs
  • Loop pile
  • Cut pile 
  • Flatweave 
  • Cut and loop
  • Hand tufted rug
  • Geometric rugs
  • Chevron rug
  • Baluch rugs
  • Flokati rugs

Advantages of buying area rugs 

Defenses against damage

It is more likely that the floor will sustain damage from furniture, bulky things, sharp objects, or even pet claws. These may leave markings on your floor that are irreversible. Particularly concerning wood floors, these scratches are a major issue. We suggest putting an area rug down as the ideal solution.

Area rugs enhance the charm of homes

The fact that carpets look nice is only another of their many advantages. Some property owners prefer that their residence not resemble any other homes in the neighborhood. They desire a distinctive design and atmosphere for their home. They can do both of those things by picking the proper carpeting. They may make their house attractive while also ensuring that it is a secure place to reside. 

Area rugs cost little.

The fact that area rugs are more affordable than carpeting is the final advantage of employing them in the home. The price of a carpet can start at $1500 and grow higher. Rugs, on the other hand, are available in every store. Some sellers will give you discounts if you purchase multiple items.

Area Rugs

Why choose us? 

If you are interested in making your place look super good instantly then think of adding an area rug to your home. Whether it be a living room, bedroom, or balcony. It will look great anywhere. We offer the best quality area rugs manufactured by an expert professional team. It is available in a range of shades. If you are not interested in pre-made rugs you can choose to customize options to get your rug ready just the way you want it. That too at the lowest price