Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Industrial epoxy flooring is one of the most versatile floor coatings for commercial, residential, and even industrial spaces. Not only epoxy flooring offers a long lifespan with low maintenance, but it also offers superior hardness in a variety of colours. While epoxy is applied to beautify the concrete floors and protect the floors, it’s much more flexible and complex than that. 

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What is an epoxy floor coating?

Epoxy involves the application of two liquid components – a polyepoxide resin and a curative – which chemically stick together. The result creates a very hard surface and a strong bond when mixed and applied properly. Epoxy can be used on various floors, but it is mostly used to coat concrete floors. 

What are the benefits of industrial epoxy flooring?

It is a very tedious task to get a floor solution that lasts a particular amount of time yet serves as an outstanding flooring option. One needs to have a stable ground for this and walk with confidence. Let’s see the benefits of industrial epoxy flooring.

  • Resistance 

Epoxy floorings have the major advantage of being resistant to everything like oil, gasoline, cleansers, bleach transmission etc. Additionally, they also have a coating which is water-proof and heat-proof. Therefore industrial epoxy floorings have become the ideal choice in most automobile and garage industries. Clinics and hospitals mostly prefer epoxy floorings as they are resistant to infections and germs and can also be sanitized quickly.

Industrial Epoxy Flooring
  • Durability 

Due to their hard and sturdy nature, epoxy floorings are mainly incorporated in heavy-traffic areas like industries, hotels, offices, and hospitals. The epoxy floorings are converted into an exceptionally durable material when installed with a concrete base. 

  • Affordability

Industrial epoxy flooring comes with reasonable prices when compared to other flooring options. The installation charges are not too high; hence, they can be easily placed over a concrete surface. Therefore, regarding the pricing factor, epoxy flooring becomes affordable and a great option as it goes well with the concrete surface. 

  • Longevity 

Another best feature of these floorings is that they are long-lasting. Apart from durability, epoxy floorings are also given preference for their long lifespan. If these floors are installed and positioned properly, they can last for decades without any cracks or leakages. 

  • Variety 

If you are looking for decorative ideas for your floor, then you can do it with the help of epoxy floorings. The variety of choices that comes with the epoxy floorings makes it feasible to upgrade the look of the office or workplace at budget-friendly pricing. Now you can give a personalized touch by including different colours from the design elements, palette, patterns, glitters, etc. You can very well customize it as per your preference and choice. 

Industrial Epoxy Flooring
  • Low-maintenance 

Industrial epoxy flooring acts as a natural barrier to any stains, moisture, grease, or liquid due to its non-porous nature. Now, there is no need to add those grouts and carpets on the floor, as one swipe with a mop is enough to clean and sanitize your area. Maintenance becomes very handy along with epoxy. 

What is epoxy flooring used for?

Industrial epoxy floorings are mostly preferred in industrial areas. Since it is a convenient budget option and can be installed with various customization, it is also becoming a choice for other sectors. When the epoxy resin is coated on a concrete surface, it automatically becomes durable and high-performing, lasting for many years with low maintenance. Many industries depend upon industrial epoxy floorings to maintain standard safety and hygiene for employees and workers. 

Why choose industrial epoxy flooring?

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