Parquet Flooring

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Parquet Flooring

Parquet is king when it comes to ornate flooring. Parquet flooring offers a striking design element to any space since it is made of tiny hardwood pieces that are geometrically placed together. As with many boom trends, demand for parquet peaked in the 1960s. Parquet flooring, however, has recently begun to show indications of a revival, partly because of new manufacturing techniques that provide customers access to a wider variety of wood species and designs. So, don’t wait to take this luxury to your home.

What Do You Understand By Parquet Flooring?

Parquet is derived from parquetry, a French word that means “little compartment.” In the 17th century, artisans in France produced intricate designs by cutting and fitting small geometric pieces of wood together and then gluing them to the floor. Due to the expertise and time needed, parquet flooring was initially only seen in rich homes and public structures. Some of the earliest examples are still in existence and are regarded as independent works of art, such as the Galerie d’Hercule at the Hôtel Lambert in Paris.

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How should parquet flooring be maintained?

If you already have parquet flooring in your home or are planning to install it, bear in mind these recommendations to prevent it from aging too quickly and maintain its shiny appearance:

  • Put in a carpet at the house’s front door since the outside dust deteriorates the parquet.
  • The chair and other furniture legs should be kept away, as they can create scratches on the parquet flooring.
  • Avoid wearing shoes or sandals inside the house, especially if you walk on parquet floorings. 
  • If water or any other liquid spills, quickly wipe it off using a soft cloth.
  • Use the right cleaning supplies or, for best results, create a homemade cleaner with vinegar and a few drops of essential oil to protect the wooden floor naturally.
  • To minimize fading, try to minimize direct sunlight exposure on the floor during the day.
  • Don’t vacuum it after every cleaning. It would be wise to purchase one of the brushes designed specifically for these flooring because they are convenient and better for flooring.
  • It is advisable to sand and varnish it at some point.

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Why Choose Parquet Flooring From Dubai Flooring?

Traditional and modern parquet floor tile comes in a variety of wood species. Customization of patterns and specs is available. Parquet flooring is an area of expertise of Dubai Flooring. We provide comprehensive design, installation, parquet material, repair, and reconditioning services for parquet flooring—options for flooring in apartment buildings and projects involving group housing. A wide selection of custom wooden floorings is available to match any decor. A superior parquet floor from Dubai Flooring will make a statement. With our limitless free samples, you can find the perfect fit. The parquet flooring in your home will be a startling contrast to the typical hardwood flooring if purchased from Dubai Flooring. We offer parquet floorings in a wide range of sophisticated patterns and traditional designs, which are suitable for any interior space in Dubai.