Sisal Rugs

Sisal Rugs

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As concerns about sustainability grow, interest in natural fiber carpets and rugs is rising. Natural fiber rugs use sustainable, renewable ingredients, making them the most environmentally friendly flooring solutions available, as opposed to synthetic materials like nylon, which must be manufactured using priceless fossil fuels.  Sisal, which is expressed as “sigh-Suhl,” is by far among the best herbal shag carpets choices given by Soft Other choices include fiber, seagrass, jute, and husk

Sisal is essentially a fiber made from a natural plant. China, Brazil, Kenya, Madagascar, Cuba, Mexico, and Haiti are the primary growing countries for this plant. The plant that produces sisal fiber can withstand an intensely hot climate with occasional storms.  Sisal is produced by cutting and crushing the leaves of the plant to produce hard, strong fiber, which is then spun and made into Sisal rugs.

What makes rugs beneficial to your health?

As opposed to homes with hard floors, carpeted homes are said to offer higher indoor air quality. This is so that the pollutants can be trapped in the carpet until they are eliminated by vacuuming or expert carpet cleaning. Carpet functions as a filter, drawing airborne pollutants out of the air. Rugs naturally act as a filter for airborne pollutants in the home, just like carpet does. Buy a few rugs if you have a lot of hard floors in your home and family members who suffer from allergies or asthma. Simply give them a thorough front and back vacuuming every few weeks and get your carpets professionally cleaned frequently

Sisal Rugs

What types of rugs do sisal rugs offer? 

  • Contemporary designer
  • Traditional style
  • Retro style 
  • Shaggy rugs 
  • Tribal rugs 
  • Jute rugs
  • Round shape rugs
  • Animal Prints rugs
  • Kids’ room sisal rug 
  • Outdoor sisal rug
  • Indoor sisal rugs 

We offer color selections that will best complement your home’s design.

  • White and black sisal rugs
  • Tones of beige and white
  • Sisal rugs in a cream color
  • Sisal rugs in red
  • Rugs in orange
  • Purple and blue sisal rugs
  • Rugs with many hues
  • Rugs made to order

What are the reasons you should go for sisal rugs? 

Sisal rugs complement virtually all interior decors.

One of the biggest benefits of having a sisal rug is probably this. The carpets typically come in beige, off-white, and tan, which are tones of neutral color. They also have quite an uncomplicated and sober appearance. As a result, you can use pastel backdrops with them. They can be used in rooms with draperies that have a stripe design. Additionally, you can put them together with any type of contemporary furniture.

Efficacy against stains

Rug cleaning might be intimidating, especially if you need to unwind after your regular duties. However, if you have sisal carpets, this will never be an issue. One, you may use standard cleaning methods whenever it’s convenient because sisal carpets are resistant to difficult stains.


Sisal rugs maintain their exquisite beauty for a very long time and depreciate very slowly. Sisal-made rugs take a while to show indications of wear and tear. This suggests that you won’t need to buy a new carpet very frequently.

Sisal Rugs

Why choose us? 

Your rug’s materials and construction are very important to us. We handcraft each rug to order in Dubai flooring so that the best custom rug possible arrives at your home. This makes it simple and inexpensive for you to create the ideal carpeting for your taste and room. We provide shipping all over Dubai.