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Mosque Carpet

We offer the Best Quality Mosque Carpets

Mosque carpets are distinct from one another, not just in terms of color but also in terms of pattern. The two most well-known models have lined mosque carpets and round-patterned mosque carpets. Strips are sewn into lined mosque carpets to indicate where people should stand when praying. Mosque carpets with round designs are known as round-patterned mosque carpets. You can get them in varied colors and patterns. Each model of round-patterned mosque carpet has its distinct way. Because of their ornamental characteristics, people use these carpets in large-scale mosques.

What are mosque carpets?

A niche at one end of a mosque carpet represents the mihrab, a directional point in every mosque that directs worshippers towards Mecca. Many rugs also include one or more mosque lamps, alluding to the Quran’s Verse of Light. Mosque carpets provide religious centers with an expressive variety of symbolic and traditional designs. The designs offer depth and richness of detail to any area by incorporating exquisite color-graduated textures throughout the patterns.

Mosque Carpets

What are The Benefits of the Mosque Carpets?

  • Variety of designs and colors

Another prominent feature of mosque carpets is that the weaving machine has no restrictions on applying color and pattern due to the use of computer designs and synthetic fibers. Therefore the design and color of these carpets are very diverse.

  • Better thickness & softness 

Masjid carpet rolls are woven in a way that has a longer pile, which increases the softness of the machine-woven carpets. The softness of mosque carpets is more than ordinary carpets. Also, it is possible to cover the whole place by using the masjid carpet roll.

  • Used in different places 

Mosque carpets are exceptionally designed to be utilized for home, office, mosque, or personal use. A wall-to-wall masjid carpet is used in the most visited mosques in the world. They are designed to offer a hygienic, durable and practical solution for any covering need. 

  • High quality and durability

Mosque carpets are made of high-quality and durable fabrics to resist and withstand wear and tear. Advanced production processes and standards ensure the finest quality in terms of performance and color glare. They are highly patterned to ensure the place is always neat by hiding dust. 

  • Easy maintenance and cleaning

Different pile weights, soft yarns, and dense constructions make them the preferred mosque floor carpet. They are easy to maintain, and you can clean them simply by using a vacuum cleaner. They are durable and give users a long duration of use, therefore saving money. 

  • Eco-friendly and hygienic

Thanks to their threads, mosque carpets also guarantee heat insulation and save a lot of energy. Wool threads of machine-woven carpets are natural materials, and they don’t include any carcinogenic substances. Wool mosque carpets are also antibacterial.

Mosque Carpets

Why choose mosque carpets from Dubai flooring?

Mosque carpets can be chosen from various possibilities depending on the mosque’s interior design. We have a large selection of mosque carpets that meet the stringent criteria for prayer spaces at Dubai Flooring. The collection also includes no-cost recoloring choices to meet your specific design needs. All particular ideas can be realized with the help of our professional design team to completely complement the architecture of the location.