Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Whether home or commercial space, epoxy floor coating fortifies your floor while flaunting a glossy finish. When left exposed, the concrete surface wears off due to different forms of impact from movements over it. Resilient epoxy coatings from Dubai Flooring seal your floor and refine its look to beautify your space the best.

What is epoxy floor coating?

Epoxy is a mixture of epoxide resin, polyamine hardener, and other additives. Epoxide resin, being an adhesive agent, binds the ingredients and forms a sturdy, protective layer. Its ability to blend well with different chemicals enables designers to formulate different colors, shapes, designs, and patterns.

Advantages of epoxy floor coatings

  • Appearance and covering efficiency

The glossy surface of the coating complements your space with a new dimension as it reflects decorative lighting in place. It covers defects in your outdated or flawed floor thoroughly. In addition, it offers several designs and color options that accentuate your space in the right tone. Decorative chips of mica or quartz add better traction as a mosaic of speckles.

  • Heat resistance

Once set and dried, epoxy resists high levels of heat. In contrast, heat-sensitive material bulges off the ground during summer. High tolerability is essential for workspaces that operate at high temperatures.

Dubai Flooring employs the best proportions of ingredients that render higher resistance to heat than the typical level of about 200-degree Fahrenheit.

Epoxy Floor Coating
  • Chemical resistance

If you spill any fluid, like oil or strong cleansing acids, there is no need to panic. The high density and strong chemical bonds between epoxy ingredients are almost inert to such chemicals.

  • Anti-slippery

Epoxy floor coatings are usually slippery, as they do not allow fluids like water to seep through them. However, we use slip-resistant aggregates in their epoxy, allowing the surface of your foot to find friction as it squeezes the fluid of the area of the foot.

  • Long-lasting

Epoxy floor coatings last longer than other types, such as wooden, carpet, and tile, because it resists many external factors. They do not react with any material and are not adherent to stains, which allows them to retain their original form for a long time.

  • Strength

Epoxy floor coatings are outstanding not only in their surface properties but also in their strength. It can withstand substantial weight due to its high tensile strength. They are not brittle, and hard impacts do not crack them open.

Our epoxy coatings contain optimal levels of polyamine hardener rendering high rigidity while balancing other properties.

  • Eco Friendly

Though epoxy is a synthetic material, its low requirement of materials and durability benefit the environment. It also contributes to the conservation of energy as it requires less machinery. Since it doesn’t involve cutting, waste and dust generated are nearly nil.

Why choose Dubai flooring?

Dubai Flooring is an award-winning interior service provider that puts customer satisfaction on the frontline. It delivers the best quality products and extensive services in flooring. Here are the reasons why they stand out.

Epoxy Floor Coating
  • Expert team members

Their skilled professionals are highly experienced in all aspects of flooring, including engineering, material quality assessment, designs, etc. once you choose their service, all you should do is discuss your requirements. They formulate drafts and describe their hits and how they decorate your space. If you want customized designs but do not have one, the team can sketch one you like.

  • Reasonable pricing

They offer flooring solutions in Dubai at reasonable prices. If you have a fixed budget, you can consult the team for the ones that fit your space and financial estimate. You can feel free to check pricing at other service providers, compare and get back to them.

  • At your fingertips, right on time.

When providing service, there are many challenges in putting everything together. Despite the hurdles, Dubai flooring does not make excuses for an answer. They arrange all the requirements in time and complete the contract without delay. You will have updates on the installation procedure when you have an immediate service for an occasion.

  • Free Consultation

Their flooring experts take customers through onsite consultation in Dubai free of cost. In addition, they also take necessary measurements and give estimates without charges.

Visit Dubai flooring for more details on services, or email sales@dubaiflooring.ae.