Sports Vinyl Flooring

Sports Flooring

All That You Need to Know About Sports Vinyl Flooring

Like basketball, badminton, and tennis, sports flooring has become common in stadiums and turfs, providing a high degree of uniformity and comfort to sportspeople. There are three sports flooring: vinyl, polyurethane, and hardwood flooring. Out of these, sports vinyl flooring is the most used type of sports flooring.

Sports vinyl flooring is extremely versatile and has many outstanding features, such as customization of color and elasticity. At Dubai Flooring, we provide quality sports vinyl flooring for all sports-related applications. With that said, let’s discuss why you should choose sports vinyl flooring from Dubai Flooring in the next section.

Sports Flooring

Best Sports Vinyl Flooring From Dubai Flooring!

Sports vinyl flooring from Dubai Flooring matches all sports and gymnasium needs and provides optimal performance and safety. These come with a reduced carbon footprint, making them more comfortable for athletes. They also provide a classic look to the surfaces used for various sports activities. Sports vinyl flooring is also used at parties and conferences.

Below are some important benefits why you should choose sports vinyl flooring described in detail below.

Sports Flooring

Why Should You Choose Sports Vinyl Flooring?

Sports vinyl flooring is one of the most popular sports flooring solutions that is used for sports applications. Here are reasons why to choose sports vinyl flooring:

  • Safe for Joints

Sports flooring with a very low or very high shock absorption can cause injuries to sportspeople. Hence, the flooring must have sufficient shock absorption to avoid unwanted injuries. Sports vinyl flooring comes with good shock absorption, which reduces joint injuries among players. 

  • Long-lasting

Sports vinyl flooring has different layers that can resist excess abrasion and impacts during a sports event. These layers are composed of PVC, making the floor more flexible and hard to crack. Dubai Flooring protects the floor’s top layers from suffering scraps or damage. Sports Vinyl flooring is an extremely long-lasting solution.

  • Provides Better Traction

The players can also get injured due to the slippery floors. However, this is not the case with sports vinyl flooring. The hardwood surface of the vinyl flooring gives the players a good grip and better floor traction, reducing slips and falls.

  • Comes With a Lot of Amazing Features

Sports Vinyl flooring from Dubai Flooring comes with some advanced features such as:

  • Rigid core technology

The solid and ultra-resistant floor layer makes the core rigid and sustainable.

  • Comfortable padding

A separate comfortable padding is installed, which absorbs unwanted noises.

  • Scratch resistance

The flooring is made up of UV-curved material, which is scratch-resistant and waterproof.

  • Improves Mobility and Flexibility

Sports vinyl flooring provides a good ball bounce that makes it ideal for playing and measuring the accuracy of the ball bounces. The floor provides up to 80 to 90 percent of rebound height. It improves the playability of the players.

Choose Dubai Flooring For Sports Vinyl Flooring!

Dubai Flooring is one of the leading high-quality flooring services providers in Abu Dhabi. It is a place where you may find all kinds of flooring solutions depending on your requirements. Below are a few reasons to choose us for your flooring solutions.

  • Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

Our sports vinyl flooring solutions are easily maintainable and cleanable. Our team makes it easy for you to maintain the flooring one to three times a month.

  • Durable

We produce high-quality, aesthetic, and durable flooring solutions for all different sports and activities. 

  • Easy to install 

Our sports vinyl flooring is very easily installable. You can get it installed even without any prior technical knowledge. Our team will help you to install it at a very minimal charge.

  • Affordable

Our flooring solutions and products are priced at a very reasonable rate for almost everyone. Not only that, we value our customers a lot. Hence, we provide 24/7 customer service at a very affordable price.

Sports vinyl flooring is one of the best flooring options that are suitable for all kinds of sports and can be used for multipurpose activities. Its outstanding features, such as sufficient shock absorption technology, comfort padding, scratch resistance, etc., make it ideal and safe for sportspeople. 

Dubai Flooring is a renowned supplier in Abu Dhabi, the Middle East, and the Gulf region. For inquiries, you can contact us at