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cow hide carpets


Cow hide carpet is the complete skin and hairs of a cow cured by using some treatments that result in a soft and extremely durable carpet. Some of the cowhides are also re-dyed to create exotic prints. Cowhide carpets are timeless pieces and the most demanding choice of many homeowners. They can be seen in many rooms with different styles. This is because they are highly versatile and can stand the test of time. Cow hides carpets are beautiful classic pieces that add beauty to any space they are placed. These beautiful pieces seem a little mysterious as people often think whether they are good to be installed or not. Here we are to clear all these confusions and make you realize how amazing they are. Here are few things that you must know about cow hide carpets:


Cowhides are the skins and hairs of cows that are typically from the dairy and meat industries. After they die their skins are used to create classic pieces of art. If they are not utilized in this process then their hides would have gone to waste. Most cowhides are hand-picked to ensure that they are fully intact and have amazing patterns that can be used in making carpets. Once the skins are chosen they are sent for going through a procedure to cure them. These hides are washed with salt to remove any odor. Then they go through a tanning procedure to make them more durable. Two different methods are used for tanning, one of which includes chromium while the other one is chromium free. After all this process cowhide gets ready to be used. 


The signature print of cowhide you think is probably brown, with large spots placed randomly on the surface of carpet and this pattern and colors match mostly all types of interior decorations. But fortunately other color options are also available including white, light brown or even black. These all are the natural color of animals and also depends on how that individual piece is treated. The process of tanning determines the color of cowhide and you can absolutely find a perfect shade you are looking for. A dark brown cowhide carpet to a pale cowhide rug everything is available in the market. Not only colors but each animal has unique patterns so your carpet will be unique and one of its kind. Some can have large spots while others may have small spots or some may have mixed shades of all. You can choose color and pattern according to your preferences or need of the place it will get installed at. 


Many people think that if they have allergies they cannot keep cowhide carpets. This is a misconception as cows are actually hypoallergenic. And after knowing this if you are still concerned that there are hairless cowhide rugs available for you. In short if you have allergies then you can still put cowhide carpets in your wish list.

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