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Sensational Cowhide Rugs in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Rugs are a terrific home decor and fashion element that work well in a variety of different types of houses and flats, and they look just as good in a fashionable and modern studio flat or a loft as they do in an old-fashioned ranch house. They complement both hefty old Victorian furniture and the minimal contemporary design that most people in urban areas have in their homes these days. If you have a residence full of self-assembled Scandinavian furniture, you will be shocked at what a terrific contrast and distinctive touch rugs will offer to your interiors.  

Cowhide is a cow’s genuine, unbleached skin and hair. It keeps the animal’s original coloration. Cowhide rugs are a byproduct of the cattle business. Cowhide is widely used to make leather.

These rugs are becoming quite famous all over the world for integrating the ‘Wild West’ phenomenon into your home. These rugs are available in a range of styles, colors, and designs, and you’ll always discover the appropriate rug for your home. The various designs, styles, forms, and hues that they provide can make anyone drool.

Why should you think about cowhide?

Cowhide rugs come in a range of hues, and the brilliance of them is that each one is a one-of-a-kind item. Cowhide rugs are also 100 percent natural and include no synthetic materials, so they will not irritate your skin or nose. Your cowhide rug will survive far longer than other rugs, making it extremely long-lasting. Cowhide rugs will not make you feel ashamed of your nostalgia! They are classic pieces.

Cow Hide Rug

What are the advantages of buying cowhide?

Something of a Fall Risk

These rugs are made in a native form with curves. They’re also a little thinner than typical rugs. Both of these factors make it less probable that the sidewalls will rise, posing a fall danger. Cowhide rugs are also considered to be easier to keep in place without the need for anything.  

Minimal Upkeep

Cowhide rugs require no special care; simply sweep or dust them as needed. Liquid spills may take longer to clean since the liquid must always be collected, but that’s not as labor intensive as shampooing a carpet-like rug. When put in front of doorways, these rugs might help keep winter draughts at bay and make a frosty floor feel cozier on frigid winter mornings.

Excellent resale value

When it comes time to redecorate, most rugs suffer from so much excessive wear that they end up in the garbage rather than being resold. Those crafted from genuine animal hides survive longer and appear brand new even after years of use. When someone decides to sell their money, they may usually obtain close to just what they bought for it. Cowhide rugs have a plethora of advantages that will astound homeowners.

Years of service

Many individuals will be able to enjoy their cowhide carpets for many years to come. They are more enduring than rugs made entirely of synthetic materials because they are constructed of natural leather. They will never have worn patches from someone standing on them, nor will the ends fray.

Cow Hides

Why choose us?

Cowhide is an excellent addition to any area, from the loungeroom to the room from everywhere in between. Dubai flooring is the top shop for cowhide rugs made with the greatest possible components and craftsmanship. In addition to delivering cow hides rugs, our workforce is ready to handle the job from start to finish, putting a distinctive touch to each innovative shape that suits their agenda.