Wood skirting – Enhancing your Floor

Skirting are a common fixture in most homes and choosing a suitable design can complement an interior space beautifully. Skirting are made in a variety of materials and provide a hardwearing baseline protection for interior walls. A popular and affordable option for skirting in your home is wood skirting installation. This versatile material has many benefits both functionally and aesthetically, and it pairs perfectly with a range of floor finishes.

Some of the advantages of choosing wood skirting from our wood skirting supplier in Dubai and why they are an ideal option for all types of homes.

Why Choose Our  Wood Skirting?

Long lasting wood skirting material

Wood skirting is made for longevity and offers a hardwearing yet decorative element to your home. The surface of wood skirting provides a smooth finish, which can be easily painted to match your interior design. Unlike other skirting materials such as pine and oak, wood skirting will not expand, contract or warp so it creates a professional, sturdy and reliable look throughout.

Wood skirting Prevents damage

One of the advantages of having wood skirting in your living spaces is to keep your rooms looking good. Wood skirting provide a tough barrier between the walls and furniture, and also prevent knocks for example when you are vacuuming a room or if you have small children running around!

Wood skirting installation covers blemishes or wiring

In properties new and old, there are elements of untidy paintwork or unsightly wiring especially along the bottom edge or corners of a room. Wood skirting installation is an ideal option for covering these common problems and provides an affordable way to give a smoother finish to your décor.

Wood skirting fills gaps

Even in modern houses, there can be a few millimeters difference between walls and flooring, creating gaps. To overcome this, wood skirting provide a simple solution for covering these gaps, whilst creating an aesthetically pleasing look.

Wood skirting installation complements interior design

Wood skirting installation are ideal for making a room look and feel complete. They are available in a range of profiles and sizes, which work perfectly in both traditional and contemporary homes. Simple and sleek wood skirting installation appeal to modern aesthetics whilst decorative skirting styles can offer a classic look for period properties.

Wood skirting easy to install and low maintenance

Wood skirting are easy to install and come in a variety of finishes, which enable you to paint or prime them as you wish. This low maintenance and affordable decorative feature is long lasting and easy to replace if it becomes damaged. They can also be painted in situ if you decide to revamp your décor post installation.

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