Rubber Studded Mats

Rubber Studded Mats

Rubber Studded Mats

Rubber studded mat by has unrivaled alleviation configuration surface and gives extraordinary enemy of slip qualities from whichever bearings of approach. The combination of mat can be stuck straightforwardly over the available hard ground surface as a rule and furthermore ideally fitting for general purposes free lay applications for sprinters, walkways and business and modern deck zones. 

Rubber studded mat is worked for high pressure, high traffic areas that need a solid and dependable floor arrangement. Rubber studded mat has circular surface example and a level opposite side giving a safe grasping surface to wellbeing and solace. 

The circular non directional studded design gives this mat a non-slip surface that is anything but difficult to clean and won’t trap earth not at all like some different kinds of non-slip rubber mat. Smooth studded mat is very strong and makes a perfect walkway for substantial pedestrian activity. 

Our Rubber studded mat includes an appealing coin structure which is a well-known decision for any business or mechanical surfaces that experience light to medium obligation wear. This item is likewise extraordinarily cost proficient, which additionally makes it perfect for use at home. 

The coin plan on the top surface of the mats are something other than an alluring component. Every individual coin furnishes our studded rubber floor item with extra grasping properties. The position of safety grasping makes this specific mat ideal for use in bar and kitchen applications as it gives great degrees of hold in any event, when wet. 

Besides offering great non slip properties, our Rubber studded mat is impervious to water and oil with amazing non slip properties and soil obstruction. Support of these items is extremely snappy and basic. Rubber studded mat is anything but difficult to wipe and dry, permitting items to keep quality and appearance. 


  • Fitness center floor
  • Laboratories
  • Bars
  • Elevators and Walkways
  • Hallways
  • Corridors
  • High Traffic Areas
  • Industrial and Automation Pathways
  • Heavy Duty Workplace
  • Wet and Dry Area
  • Production Floor Slip Coverage
  • Skipping and Packaging Areas, and so forth. 

Why Our Rubber Studded Mats ?

The Installation

Make sure that the sub-floor is leveled, dry and liberated from oil and oil before laying the Rubber studded mat. Ineffectively arranged sub-floor and ill-advised utilization of synthetic concoctions bring about stature contrasts and influence the life expectancy of the deck. Rubber studded mats are introduced utilizing glue. You can lay it on new or existing solid, metal, wooden, artistic and tile floors. 

Its maintenance

For general support, essentially utilize a sodden material to expel residue or dirt. For business enormous floor regions, utilize a fast machine and cleanser for intermittent support. A layer of wax can be applied to give it a gleaming look.

Features Of Our Rubber Studded Mats ?

  • Durable
  • Commotion decrease
  • Protection
  • Non-slip and assurance from harm and scratches. 
  • Easy to introduce and keep up 
  • Water and oil safe 
  • Studs forestalls slipping 
  • Floor assurance against scraped area and harms 
  • Raised design offer greatest footing and insignificant wear 
  • Current and stylishly satisfying top 
  • Perfect for kitchens or bars

Choosing us for flooring will be the wise decision because our experts provide products with great benefits. We offer a good deal that makes your shopping experience easy and flawless. cares for the safety of customer products. Our professionals and suppliers deliver the product with an anti-fire coating. Customers are given freedom to shop whenever, however and wherever they like. We make our Customers feel free to order anytime. You can share any design for these mats, and we can make it for you.

Our rubber studded mat not only provides safety from slip but also keeps your flooring hygienically clean free from fungus and bacteria. We also design different types of anti-slippery rubber studded mats for different areas. To prevent slip and falls in your business space, you should have matting coverage throughout your establishment.

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