Landscaping Grass

Make your outdoors look Beautiful with Landscaping Grass

Landscaping grass is the best solution for beautifying places like lawn, schools, play grounds, hotels and other areas and is easy to clean and maintain. These are rich in color and enhance the beauty of your land. Landscaping grass is very cheap as compared to the natural grass and saves you from buying seeds, planting them watering them on daily basis. For landscaping grass you do not have to wait for weeks for its growth it is already grown and is installed in your land and makes it look pleasing. If you are looking for some high quality landscaping grass then you are at the best place. We at Dubai Flooring provide you with the best landscaping grass that is long lasting. We offer a wide variety of size and shapes according to your need. Our skilled team installs the artificial grass for you with the best possible solution to make to make your land look refreshing.

Basic Properties of Our Grass

  • You can customize your order with us.
  • We can imprint your logo on the grass.
  • Our grass is bacteria free.
  • We provide high quality of landscape grass.
  • Very affordable prices are offered by us.
  • Our landscaping grass is very durable.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance of our grass.
  • When you call us, we response quickly sending our team to your place for showing you the samples.
  • Doorstep delivery and installation services provided for all our clients.

Advantages of Our Landscaping Grass 

Long Lasting:

We at Dubai Flooring make our landscaping grass with 100% authentic and high quality material. We manufacture landscaping grass that is long lasting so that our customers do not have to get worried for it. It can last for as many years as you want if you take a little care of it. Landscaping grass is the best solution for people who have day to day work and cannot give enough time on the maintenance of natural grass as it does not require much of the money and attention for its maintenance. It is very resistant and can be used in high traffic areas.

Saves time and money:

Landscaping grass may look expensive but is much cost friendly as compare to the natural grass. It save hours of watering and trimming the natural grass on routine basis as landscaping grass does not require much water and saves your money from watering bills. 

Makes your outdoor refreshing:

Landscaping grass is the best solution to make your land look ready for every season. It makes your land look refreshing and relaxing with its lush green colors and comforting material. Landscaping grass id very good for kids to play as it does not require chemicals for its preservation and kids stay clean. 

Why Choose Us ?

We offer many advantages that include:

  • Durability
  • High quality products
  • Wide range
  • 24/7 availability
  • Home delivery services
  • Online services
  • Guidance
  • Free installation
  • UV protection to grass
  • Low cost

We at Dubai Flooring provide you with the best of us. We give our customers installation services, delivery services, guidance and demo before installing without any extra charges. We offer a wide variety of artificial grass in different shapes and sizes. If you want landscaping grass for your outdoors you can contact us at 056-600-9626 or can E-mail us at Feel free to contact for any query.