Home Vinyl Flooring


Home vinyl flooring has skyrocketed in popularity as the go-to floor covering choice not just for moisture-prone areas like kitchens and bathrooms, but for common areas, halls, and bedrooms.

One cause behind that effect is that natural, home vinyl flooring has itself become so popular. home vinyl flooring seeks to replicate this but in a far cheaper. The other reason is that dubaiflooring.ae have greatly improved the look and feel of home vinyl flooring, converting many buyers who previously would have avoided installing resilient materials in their homes. In short, home vinyl flooring time in the sun has arrived.

At its core, home vinyl flooring, is simply vinyl flooring that comes in long, narrow strips, rather than the traditional square vinyl flooring shapes.

dubaiflooring.ae have produced large format boards that give the home a certain, distinctive wood plank floor appearance. Also, these larger boards make installation easier, because there are fewer boards to lay.  

Features of Our Home Vinyl Flooring

Along with graphics, surface embossing is the quality that makes home vinyl flooring look more like a wood plank. If you hold the product to an angle, you see how deeply the surface is embossed. This texture provides a realistic wood look. This is paradoxical, though, because real wood flooring does not always have texture. One aim of sanding down and re-finishing real wood floors is to bring down the texture and create a smooth surface once again.

You can even find home vinyl flooring with a heavily antiqued or distressed look, hand-scraped, dinged, scratched, and peppered with nail holes. But you need to go thicker for this because thinner vinyl boards are physically impossible to emboss that deeply.

Home vinyl flooring is durable and resilient, which makes it the perfect floor covering for heavy traffic areas. Families with children opt for vinyl flooring as it can’t be easily damaged by banging toys or heavy items that might be dropped accidentally. If you know there will be a lot of movement in your home, vinyl may be the perfect choice for you as a steady stream of feet, toys and even pets won’t affect the appearance of the floor. This is probably one of the most important benefits of vinyl flooring in the home.

Why dubaiflooring.ae ?

We make installation of home vinyl flooring, with relatively easy process. The key to a successful installation is ensuring the floor underneath is smooth and without flaws or imperfections. Any bumps or lumps will be noticeable once the vinyl flooring is laid, so it’s important for the floor to be as smooth as possible underneath. Home vinyl flooring is one of the cheapest floor coverings available at dubaiflooring.ae. Compared to other floor coverings, including laminate and carpet, vinyl is cheaper per square meter to buy and have installed. Vinyl is also durable and resilient, which means you won’t have to replace it in a hurry, even in a busy home or office. This will save you money in the long run.