Hand Paint Rugs

Hand Paint Rugs


Get Best Hand Painted Rugs

Hand painted rugs are masterpieces that are one of their kind. These hand painted rugs make a great addition to any interior and enhance the entire look of the house. Hand painted rugs for sale are the ideal choice for you, if you are looking for decoration your home or office. Hand painted rugs for sale are made the same way a painting is made on canvas, but with hand painted rugs, the fabric of rug is gripped to the frame and designs are painted exactly like on canvas. Hand painted rugs Dubai also deals in customized hand painted rugs. If we don’t have a design that matches your interior or if you want to a rug with the design of your choice, you can consult our expert designers and they will bring your idea to life.

Why Choose Our Hand Painted Rugs ?

  • Our hand painting rugs are available in variety of different designs, shapes and sizes.
  • Our hand painted rugs for sale add beautiful appearance to any space they get laid in and make the look of the place appealing, chic and classy. Not just that, they can be placed anywhere around the house, be it under the dining table or the bedroom.
  • Hand painted rugs Dubai are renowned for their longevity and durability. As they are manufactured from the finest quality materials, they are more likely to live for generations to come.
  • The cleaning and maintenance of these hand printed rugs are extremely easy, they are good to go with weekly vacuuming.
  • You won’t find any other rug that is as unique and durable as hand painted rug, we have expert designers and painters to design and paint these rugs by keeping in view all the minor details. Our fantastic and unique variety of hand painted rugs for sale sets us apart from other rugs providers.
  • Our amazing team choose the best fabric and combination of colors and patterns that would go perfectly with that fabric and ensures that even a single dot of paint is at the place where it should be.

Why Choose Us ?

If you are into all kinds of artsy stuff, you should totally get your hands onto hand painted rugs for sale. Hand paint rugs are the most popular among residential customers for amazing quality and reasonable discounted rates.

We manufacture these hand painted rugs deliberately with affection, love and attention, in hopes that they will allow you to decorate your home and make beautiful memories. Our team at hand painted rugs Dubai, is always looking forward to help you the best rug for your home, we go out of our way to make your dream house a reality.

No matter if you want to order single rugs or bulk. Our representatives will visit your site to show you the sample and how well they go with your interiors. After your order is made, we will deliver your hand painted rugs to your door step.