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What is skirting? Types and purposes

Skirting is also known as baseboard or skirting board. It covers the lowest part of the interior wall. The primary purpose of the skirting board is to cover the joint between the wall and the floor.

Skirting is provided for the purpose of aesthetics; hiding unwanted items in the wall, or protecting the wall from water.

Different purposes of skirting are as follows

Protect the wall from water.

Hide unwanted items on the wall.

Hide space between floor and wall.

Provide some space between the wall and furniture.

Prevent painting surface from stain.

Types of skirting:

  1. Wooden skirting
  2. Pencil skirting
  3. Metal skirting
  4. Flush skirting
  5. Double-layer skirting
  6. Continued skirting
  7. Colored skirting
  8. Wooden skirting:

Wooden skirting looks beautiful and used for the purpose of aesthetics. Wooden skirting provides a rich feeling with marble or terrazzo floors. Wooden skirting is also a good option for the tiled floor.

  1. Pencil skirting:

Pencil skirting is used to hide the expansion gap and provide a neat and clean finish surface. Normally the upper edge of pencil skirting is round.

  1. Metal skirting:

Normally, Stainless Steel is used for this type of skirting. Stainless steel has a shiny surface. This type of skirt is a bit difficult to install and needs skilled manpower.

  1. Flush skirting:

If you want to skirt with the same level as the plastering surface then go for flush skirting. Flush skirting provides charming looks to your room. It does not capture the dust like other tiles which are at the outer level of the wall.

  1. Double Layer Skirting:

As the name suggests this type of skirting is made in two parts and joined together when installed. Double layer skirt is a very innovative idea and provides a unique design. Both layers of this skirting can be the same level or different levels. It requires skilled workers to install properly.

  1. Continued skirting:

As the name suggests it continues even if there is any other structure adjacent to walls like a staircase or any other structure. It is a very innovative idea to make color balance within interior space.

  1. Colored skirting:

In this type of skirting, the skirting board is painted with the desired color. Normally, MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) because it is not much costly compared to HDF (High-Density Fiberboard ).

Purpose of Skirting Boards

Skirting is one of the important and interesting processes in civil engineering which is provided in the joint of the interior wall and floor. Skirting is provided for the purpose of beautification and it’s provided to hide the unwanted portions of the wall. Skirting is also known as mop board because it creates protection against water in the time of mopping the floor.

There are also some purposes of skirting boards, those are written below

Hide exposed electrical wiring:

Skirting has great value and advantages to hide or cover the exposed or naked wiring of that building.

In this you do not need to remove the electrical wiring, you just provide the skirting boards; so, it is one of the main purposes of skirting.

A skirting board is generally used because the cost of skirting materials is comparatively lower than the other hiding materials.

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