Wall Skirting Services Abu Dhabi

Wall Skirting Services – The Border between Wall and Floor

As far as house fittings is concerned, wall skirting services are the most familiar and the important one. Back in the days they were known as mop boards because they protected the walls from the water when the floor was being mopped. In this modern day and age, wall skirting services Abu Dhabi are mostly used as a finish border throughout the walls.

Exposed electrical wires all across your room are always a dangerous risk. One way of hiding wires is by taking them through the ceiling that could cause possible problems in the future, as in case of a small repair the entire ceiling will have to be torn down .The smart solution is to hide the wires by wall skirting. Wall skirting services are more economical and practical. Wall skirting is also called “base boards”, the boards that make a base at the bottom of wall between wall and floor.

 Pros of Wall Skirting Services

  • To avoid the gaps between walls and the floor, wall skirting services are the best option instead redoing the wall.
  • Wall skirting services Abu Dhabi protect the walls from the scratches and marks by maintaining a safe distance between wall and furniture.
  • Wall skirting services can be changed to match with the interiors and give a clean and professional look.

Types of Wall Skirting 

Wall skirting services differ according to shape, design and materials used, some of them are;

  1. Pencil Skirting Services – an ideal choice to bring a clear finished look to any space. Pencil wall skirting in Abu Dhabi can be installed in with patterned or plain walls.
  2. Wooden Skirting – imparts a degree of richness and a sophisticated look to the home. It is the best choice for light floors, walls, and ceilings. Wooden wall skirting services are used for ornamental and traditional looking decors.
  3. Metal Skirting – stainless steel is for metal wall skirting services Abu Dhabi, to add lightness to the interior and give a rich and modern look to the space.
  4. Continued Skirting – is provided as a continuation of any element in the interior space. For instance, dark brown skirting continues as a part of the similar colored staircase. This design of wall skirting services takes the whole look to a new level.
  5. Flush Skirting – gives a seamless look to any interior space. Since the wall and the skirting are on the same level, they do not catch dust as easily as other wall skirting services, where they stay projected out of the walls.
  6. Double Layered Skirting – this type of wall skirting services Abu Dhabi involves two-toned skirting. Double layered skirting are used to give a detailed design to any room or space.

Our wall skirting services provide a crisp clean finish that will give proper desired look of your choice. Wall skirting services Abu Dhabi need low maintenance and are easier to clean and can associate with any type of interior style.

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