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Protect Your Investment: Ensure Safety and Comfort with Our Horse Stall Mats

Depending upon your necessities, rubber stall mats can be bought in an assortment of standard measurements or can be made to quantify. They can likewise be bought as an arrangement of littler interlocking rubber tiles that spread the surface territory required. This can be an advantageous choice on the off chance that you are searching for flexibility, as their light weight gives them better transportability, empowering them to be utilized in different applications, for example, in a horse trailer to give an agreeable non-slip surface for the horse to remain on when voyaging significant distances. Normally made from hard-wearing rubber, horse stall mats arrive on an assortment of surfaces and are completed to suit your requirements. 

The advantages of utilizing rubber stall mats as a substrate

  • It provides comfort: The delicate yielding nature of rubber stall mats gives an agreeable substrate to the horse to lie on, mitigating body, foot, and joint wounds brought about by jolting or knocking on a hard surface. 
  • Warmth: Conventional concrete and earthen floors are cold and clammy, particularly in winter, though given their insulative properties, horse stall mats are warm as compared to and hence a gift in winter. 
  • Wellbeing: Rubber stall mats improve security as they give a brilliant grasp to the horse to forestall slipping. They come in either a smooth completion to encourage simpler cleaning or a non-slip finished completion that is perfect for use in wash regions or walkways. Horse stall mats that have a smooth side and a finished side for additional adaptability, are likewise accessible. 
  • Clean: Unlike wooden or earth substrates, rubber stall mats are amazingly simple to wash and sterilize, making them a sterile other option. 





Range of Horse Stall Mats for Enhanced Equine Comfort and Protection

  1. Rubber Mats: Highly popular and widely used, rubber mats offer excellent cushioning and shock absorption, reducing the strain on horse’s joints and hooves. They are durable, easy to clean, and provide good traction.
  2. Foam Mats: These lightweight mats provide exceptional comfort and support, ideal for horses with specific hoof or joint conditions. They offer excellent shock absorption and insulation, ensuring a comfortable environment for your horse.
  3. Interlocking Mats: Designed for easy installation and customization, interlocking mats provide a seamless and secure surface. They are ideal for large areas and offer excellent drainage capabilities.
  4. EVA Mats: Made from ethylene-vinyl acetate, these mats are lightweight, durable, and offer excellent cushioning. They provide relief to horses with joint or muscle issues and are resistant to mold and bacteria.
  5. Grid Mats: These innovative mats feature a grid-like structure that allows for excellent drainage and ventilation. They provide a stable and comfortable surface while promoting airflow and reducing moisture buildup.


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Why choose us?

  1. High-Quality Materials: We prioritize the use of premium materials to ensure the durability and longevity of our horse stall mats. Our mats are designed to withstand heavy equine traffic and resist wear and tear, offering a reliable solution for your horse’s comfort.
  2. Easy Maintenance: Our mats are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. They are resistant to stains and odors, making it convenient to keep your horse’s stall clean and hygienic.
  3. Versatile Applications: Our horse stall mats can be used in various equestrian settings, including barns, stables, trailers, and wash areas. Their versatility allows you to create a comfortable and safe space for your horse wherever they may be.
  4. Customization Options: We understand that every horse and facility is unique. Therefore, we offer customization options such as size, thickness, and color, allowing you to tailor the mats to your specific needs and preferences.
  5. Exceptional Customer Service: Our dedicated team is committed to providing excellent customer service. We are here to answer your questions, offer guidance, and ensure your satisfaction with our horse stall mats.


A: Yes, stall mats are good for horses. They provide a comfortable and safe surface for horses to stand on, reducing the risk of injury and strain.

A: The best matting for horse stalls is typically made of durable and slip-resistant materials, such as rubber or foam. Rubber mats are the most common and widely used type of matting for horse stalls due to their durability and cushioning properties.

A: Horse stall mats are typically very strong and durable, able to withstand the weight and movement of horses as well as heavy equipment used in the stall. They are designed to provide a stable and secure footing for horses while also protecting the underlying flooring.

A: Yes, horse stall mats are typically waterproof or at least water-resistant, which makes them easy to clean and maintain. They also help to prevent moisture from seeping into the underlying flooring, reducing the risk of mold and mildew growth.

A: Yes, horse stall mats can help to prevent injuries by providing a cushioned and slip-resistant surface for horses to stand on. They can also help to reduce strain on joints and muscles, particularly for older horses or those with existing conditions.

A: The thickness of horse stall mats can vary depending on the specific type and brand, but they generally range from 3/4 inch to 1 inch thick. Thicker mats provide more cushioning and protection for horses, but they can also be more expensive.

A: To clean and maintain horse stall mats, use a broom or pitchfork to remove debris and dirt daily, and use a disinfectant cleaner to kill any bacteria or fungi that may be present. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning tools that could damage the mats, and repair any damaged areas promptly.


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