Granite Flooring

Granite Flooring

Granite Flooring: A Stronger Alternative to Marble

Granite is a natural stone with a unique texture and appearance. It has been used for centuries as a decorative building material. The durability of granite makes it an ideal choice for flooring as it can withstand all types of scraps or accidents, including heavy traffic and spills.

Granite flooring from Dubai Flooring is scratch-resistant and resistant to sudden accidents or wear and tear. It’s also stain-resistant and avoids discoloration from food or beverage spills! Due to its heat-resistant capabilities, you can even put hot items on top of your granite floor without worrying about stains.

However, before opting for granite flooring, it’s vital to know the different types of granite flooring discussed below.

Granite Flooring

Types of Granite Flooring Available at Dubai Flooring!

Whether looking for a rustic look or something modern and trendy, granite flooring is made to endure and serve multipurpose applications. Here are several types of granite flooring:

  • Absolute Black Granite

It is a dark, black stone with red and green flecks and makes your space feel sophisticated. It is generally used in more modern-looking areas to provide a formal and professional appeal.

  • Crystal Yellow Granite

This granite flooring has an elegant, antique feel that’s great for traditional homes. It looks best paired with light colors like white or cream, but it can also work well with darker colors like navy blue or brown.

  • Rosy Pink Granite

This granite flooring is an elegant stone that adds color to any room. Its soft pink hue makes it great for more feminine spaces—like bathrooms—but it also works well in contemporary settings.

  • Black Galaxy Granite

This granite flooring type has a smooth surface that resembles glass, making it perfect for high-traffic areas like hallways and entryways. This stone is easy to clean and resistant to scratches and stains, making it an ideal choice if you want something that’ll last!

  • Tan Brown Granite 

This granite is a dark brown color with a slight red tint. It is used in residential and commercial settings.

  • Steel Grey Granite

This granite has a cool grey hue that gives your kitchen or bathroom an elegant look. A polished finish makes the color stand out while adding shine to the surface.

  • Silk Granite

This granite flooring has a light brown tone with hints of blue and green. It looks great in kitchens or bathrooms with light fixtures around them—the color pops against these lighting fixtures! If you don’t like having a dark-colored floor in these spaces (which can block natural sunlight), silk granite may be a good option.

Granite Flooring

Design Patterns for Granite Flooring at Dubai Flooring!

Here are some design patterns you might want to consider when choosing granite:

  • Vintage Granite Flooring Designs

The natural beauty of the stone inspires vintage granite flooring designs. The colors are created with the help of tints, which are added to the raw material to achieve the desired color. This process is called tinting or staining and uses techniques like marbling, flocking, or coating.

The most common color for granite flooring is gray, which can be achieved using marbling or spraying. However, gray granite tiles are not very popular due to their dull appearance and lack of natural beauty. It works well with traditional design styles like shabby chic and farmhouse chic.

  • Modern Granite Flooring Design

If you have a modern home or are looking for something more contemporary, modern granite is another good option for flooring. It is cut into any shape or size to fit perfectly into any room. You can use it in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms to create interesting geometric patterns or designs.

  • Contemporary Granite Flooring Design Pattern

The contemporary granite flooring design pattern is a unique design style used to create new and innovative designs for commercial and residential spaces. This type of flooring has become popular in recent years because of its versatility and ability to blend with many different styles.

Many different types of contemporary granite flooring are available today, including

  • Bold colors such as reds, yellows, blues, greens and oranges.
  • Metallic finishes such as gold or silver.
  • Natural stone slabs that have been cut into square tiles.
  • Stones that are polished and smooth with no visible grains or imperfections.

Why Choose Dubai Flooring?

If you’re looking for quality granite flooring, Dubai Flooring is the place to go. We carry a wide range of granite slabs, tiles, and other products to meet your needs. We have a large selection of colors and patterns, so you can find something that complements your space perfectly. Contact us today if you’re ready to start your project!