Cork Flooring Tiles

Cork Flooring Tiles

Cork Flooring – Nature Close to Your Feet

Cork flooring has been around for many decades, it has recently come into vogue in a major way, due mostly to the fact that it is a renewable resource that can be used with using fine hardwoods from old-growth forests or tropical rainforests. Cork comes from the bark of the cork oak tree and is periodically harvested from the living trees in plantations planted for commercial purposes. To create cork flooring products, cork is ground up, compressed, and formed into sheets bonded with resins. 

Our cork flooring for sale has many merits, to be sure, and its popularity has led to cork installation almost everywhere in the home. Our cork flooring contractors of cork flooring . It is important to understand the underlying characteristics of cork so that you can make an informed decision when choosing whether or not to use it in a specific space.

Advantages of Our Cork Flooring 

Cork flooring has a soft, cushiony surface. One of the best things about this material is how soft and yielding it feels beneath your feet. When people first step on cork flooring, their eyes often light up with delight with the recognition that this is neither wood nor vinyl but something completely different. Because of this, cork flooring is popular in rooms where you will be standing for long periods of time, such as kitchens. The soft surface of cork flooring can act as a kind of cushion that provides a certain amount of protection when someone accidentally trips and falls. This makes it a great choice for children’s rooms and for older residents prone to falling. 

Cork flooring provides good insulation

It’s a good insulator for sound and heat. The inside of cork flooring is made up of tiny air-filled chambers. These act as barriers against the transmission of noise, effectively insulating any room. Any room floored with cork flooring will reduce noise from being transmitted through the floor to the ceiling below. Cork flooring can also help you save money on heating and cooling bills. That same property that insulates the floor against noise will reduce the transmission of heat into a room in the summer or out of a room in the winter. 

Cork Flooring Tiles

Cork flooring can be refinished

One of the best things about our cork flooring for sale is that you can refinish its surface periodically, just as you can with hardwood, to give it a fresh new look. 

It contains hypoallergenic properties 

Unlike carpet, cork flooring tends to repel dust, hair, and other small particles from its surface. The material is also easier to get completely clean. Because of this, cork flooring tend to promote higher indoor air quality.

Cork flooring has antimicrobial properties

Cork flooring Dubai contains a waxy substance called suberin. This material has the property of naturally repelling insects. This makes cork flooring resistant to the growth and colonization of these organisms, and can, therefore, help to promote the healthiness of an environment.

Cork Flooring Tiles

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