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Artificial Grass & Turfs

Are you looking for artificial turf? Dubai Flooring brings you the most suitable and top-notch quality artificial turf options. Being a leading seller in Dubai, we have made a loyal customer base with quality products. You can get artificial turfs of different shapes and qualities to complement your area. 

What are the types of artificial turf?

There are some incredibly natural-looking artificial turf options accessible. Let’s look at each type to understand which one would suit you. 

  • Nylon 

Nylon is the strongest material that you can easily get on the market. Nylon grass can absorb both significant weight and high temperatures without getting tangled down or losing its unique shape. At Dubai Flooring, we sell top-notch quality fabric grass to the customers, which has the same qualities. However, because of its significant expense and firm quality, it cannot be utilised all the time for terraces or decoration. 

  • Polyethylene 

A lot of people prefer artificial turfs for decor purposes at home. The majority of people choose polyethene items. If you are worried about the look of the polyethene fabric, we’re here to help you. 

Artificial Grass

This grass looks astonishing with radiant green tones, and it feels gentler and more natural than nylon does. It is frequently used for finishing as well as athletic fields like soccer, football, and baseball. 

When combined with an optional nylon cover, this kind of artificial grass will hold up to a ton of purposes without starting to look battered or broken down. Since polyethene grass is non-permeable, it won’t hold smells as counterfeit nylon grass will. 

This makes it ideal for people with pets who won’t have to stress over the smell of their yards when the pets head outside. Also, all of the waste will handily wash down between the edges of fake grass and cut off the opportunity for allergies or bacteria from microscopic organisms. 

  • Polypropylene 

Polypropylene is the most affordable piece of artificial turf you can get for your home. While it might appear to be an incredible choice for saving your money, you will miss the chance of giving your home, office, or playground a decent and natural look using grass. The fine surface breaks the edge of the grass, making it look clumsy and chaotic. However, you can use this type of grass with less commotion and movement to prevent damage to the edges. 

What are the uses of artificial turf?

  • Playgrounds

With kids growing, they need a safe place to play. Playgrounds with concrete surfaces can cause severe injuries. However, using artificial turfs in the playgrounds will save them from any kind of injuries. You can cover the entire ground to utilise the space for the kids. Therefore, Dubai Flooring brings you the most affordable artificial turf for the playgrounds. You can get the turf in different sizes as per your space.

Artificial Grass

  • Pet Yards

Indeed, even little dogs can rapidly destroy a yard by playing or running. However, an artificial turf can save your yard with its soft grass heaps. It is the best option to get your pets an ideal place to play without spending much on high-maintenance natural grass. 

Why Choose Us?

Dubai Flooring has a wide variety of options available, even when it comes to artificial turf. With lengths ranging from 6mm to 35 mm, we can help you cover any area you want us to. We offer an extremely minimal expense establishment option of artificial turf being the best distributor in Dubai. So what are you waiting for? Contact us on 056-600-9626 for any questions that you have.